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The Commercial Society Beny Alex Ltd, was founded in 1994 as its main object of activity the meintenance of Air Electrical Lines (LEA). Beside it a carburant station and a Fast Food restaurant started to function.

Since then the range o services has increased, the main focus being on the hydrotehnical domain, the energetic domain and also civil constructions.

Thus, presently, there is an excellent station of carburant sale, A Bosch Car Service workshop, a station for Periodical Technical Inspection, a car parts shop, a car wash and a fast food. There are 250 employees working in these domains.

A rapid and constant evolution also occurred in what concerns the quality of service and works. Thus, the firm is now attested and certified wiht the quality standard ISO9001 of the year 2000.

In 2005 the activity of the unit increased thtough the granting of the license to supply electrical energy.



"Beny Alex, is the expression of an attitude wich makes a difference. The politics of investments and the valutation of opportunities have stayed at the basis of continuous ascension of the enterprise in its iver 10 years of activity."

445200 Negresti - Oas
Str. Victoriei, nr. 3/C; jud. Satu Mare
Tel. 0261/854 101;
Fax: 0261-854 103;
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