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The National Authority of Regulation in the domain of ENERGY (NARE), by decision no. 209/24-II-2005, according with Electrical Energy Law no.318/2003, granted us THE LICENSE for supplying of electrical energy no. 649 from 24.02.2005.We became active participants of romanian energy market, with a dinamic team of experts in electrical energy field, with strong knowledge in the sector of electrical energy suplying.

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"As the electricity market is becoming free, which is a clear request from the European Union, by the 1 St of January 2007, the degree of opening must reach 100%.."

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Why is this radical change in the Romanian energy sector necessary? Because it is thus insured:

The reduction of prices and implicitly of the cost of the domain;
The possibility of the consumers to deal directly with the suppliers;
Services of supplying, utilities of quality and at European standard;
The increase of electro-energetic efficiency;
The protection of the environment and conservation of energy;
The elimination of subventions;
The promotion of new investments in the domain;
New mentalities, by the cessation of the monopoly in the domain, specific to the competitive environment.

What must be known when one chooses the power supplier?

The level of the annual structured electrical power use:
during the last 12 calendar months;
on specific days;
during intervals on the basis of discount, as it is stipulated in the annexes 2 and 3 of the frame contract for the supplying of electrical energy to the eligible consumers a) the structure of the price of the power supplied;
b) the regulated prices;
c) the stipulations of the supplying licenses and of the standards of performance;
d) the price of reference - the price of revenue resulted form the application of the
regulated price the consumer would choose if he were a captive consumer (of the
regulated prices).

The price of the electrical energy supplied to the eligible consumer contains two components:

a) the component resulted form the application of the regulated prices for different necessary services, respectively:
- the price for the transport service in which the price for the system service, the price
for the system Operator and the price for the commercial Operator are included. - The price for the distribution service, the price for the supplying service b) the component representing the electrical energy

An eligible consumer has one month to conclude a power supply contract with a new supplier. During this interval, after the choice of the supplier, the consumer has a period of five working days when he can change his option without being liable for penalties. After the deadline of one month any choice is firm, and the conditions of changing the supplier are stipulated in the contract.
An eligible consumer may return to the supplier for the captive consumer and choose any of the regulated prices valid, whenever he wants to, provided he honors the obligations stipulated in the supplying contract previously negotiated.



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